Recipe Time – Sweet and Savory Pot Roast

This recipe came about by complete chance and turned out to be an absolute hit! It was getting late on a Friday and I hadn’t been to the grocery store that week. But I desperately wanted something homemade as opposed to ordering take out.

Enter this delicious savory but slightly sweet concoction…Sweet and Savory Pot Roast. Thanks to some staple pantry items and always having carrots on hand for Hunter to snack on I was able to make a hearty homemade meal that would carry us thru the weekend with the leftovers. As a side note I would like to mention that I do not have a “Instant Pot”. I have the 8 Quart Nuwave Digital Pressure Cooker. So some of the terminology, buttons and settings mentioned below may be different depending on your device.


x3lb Chuck Roast

x2 tsp Lawrey’s Seasoned Salt

x1 tsp Garlic Powder

x1 tsp Onion Powder

1/2 tsp Black Pepper

x2 TBS Dried Parsley

x1 TBS Canola Oil

x1 tsp Better Than Bouillon Beef

x1 tsp Better Than Bouillon Roasted Garlic

x2 TBS Worcestershire Sauce

x2 TBS Balsamic Vinegar

x2 TBS Ketchup

3/4 cup Water

1/2 Red Onion –

x1 Jalapeño – Diced

x1lb Red Potatoes – Chopped

x4 Large Carrots – Peeled and Chopped

x1 TBS Cornstarch

x1 TBS Water

In a small bowl mix together the Seasoned Salt, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Black Pepper and Dried Parsley. Rub mixture evenly over the entire roast. Add the Canola Oil to your pot and turn on the “Sear” setting. Sear all sides of the roast for a minimum of three minutes each side or until browned. While browning the roast, in a measuring cup mix together the Beef and Roast Garlic Bouillon along with the Worcestershire, Balsamic, Ketchup and Water.

As soon as the roast is browned on all sides slowly pour the sauce into the pan being sure to scrap any brown bits from the bottom. Add the diced onion and jalapeño. Close and seal the pot. Cook on manual for 1 hour and 15 minutes. As soon as the time is up allow the pot to naturally release pressure for 10 minutes before switching the pressure valve to “Open”.

Once the pressure pin drops open the pot and add your chopped Potatoes and Carrots. Close pot and pressure valve and cook on manual for 3 minutes. Again, allow a natural release for 10 minutes before opening the pressure valve and the pot. Thoroughly mix the Cornstarch and Water. Once the pot is open slowly stir in the slurry until the sauce thickens. Serve along side some crusty bread and enjoy!!!

What are some of your favorite pressure cooker/Instant Pot roast recipes? Share them in the comments below.

Sweet and Savory Pot Roast

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