Recipe Time – One Pan Turkey with Veggies

They say that nutrition counts for upwards of 80% of your results. Well in my experience that number is more like 90%. My relationship with food sucked! I was eating all the wrong things for all the wrong reasons and sometimes for no reason at all!

I never had to ask myself HOW I became so over weight. I was lazy as hell and ate like shit! I was depressed, I hated my body and ate more in attempt to eat away my feelings. I drowned my sorrows in fast food, carbs and Marshmallow Dream bars.

But all of that changed when I decided to make the change. “Say no to anything that doesn’t get you a yes.” – Trent Shelton. The day I decided to say no to the fast food, carbs and abundance of Marshmallow Dream Bars was the day that I truly started to gain momentum and see changes in my body.

I am by no means perfect! I still slip up from time to time but this time around I have the support of my AMAZING team to back me up. I’ve also re-found my love for cooking! The foods I eat do NOT suck! If they did I would’ve given up ages ago. And you know it’s a damn good recipe when my husband and son demolish the entire meal!

My newest creation is 100% shred plan approved and so incredibly tasty! Justin and Hunter had no idea this dish was void of any carbs! It’s a protein and veggie packed powerhouse that will bust your lips with flavor!

One Pan Turkey with Veggies


x1 TBS Grass Fed Butter

x1 Large Sweet Onion Chopped

x1 TBS Minced Garlic

x1 lb Ground Turkey

x1 Package Green Giant Riced Veggies Cauliflower Medley

x1 Cup Frozen Peas

x3 TBS Penzeys Spices – Brady Street Sprinkle

Sauté the Onion and Garlic along with the butter and a sprinkle of S&P for approximately ten minutes or until the onions become soft and translucent. Add the Ground Turkey with an additional sprinkle of S&P and cook completely through. Add the package of Riced Cauliflower and frozen peas. Stir well and cook covered on simmer for about five to seven minutes or until the frozen veggies are warmed through. Turn stove off completely, add the Brady Street Sprinkle, stir completely through and serve!

You want to have a better relationship with food? You want results without feeling deprived? Join me!!! I will teach you the science behind the foods we eat, provide you with meal plans and teach you what to eat and when to get amazing results! And the best part…you can still enjoy that cocktail or Marshmallow Dream Bar!!! What are you waiting for? Tag a friend below who might enjoy this recipe. Drop a 🤤 below if you’re ready to join me.

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