It’s definition is uniquely different from person to person but equally as important to each individual at the same time. For me, I didn’t even know where the hell to get started! But through practice, patience and persistence I found enjoyment in things like skin care, personal development, bible study, and playing around with makeup. Simply put, I started working on ME.

As a mother I’ve learned the hard way just how important self-care is! Learn from my mistakes. Don’t repeat them. It took over four years for me realize that in order for my son and husband to get the very best of me I have to love and care for myself first.

Man was it a hard pill to swallow! It felt so incredibly gut wrenchingly selfish! But once I gained some direction and momentum I became unstoppable!

Beachbody gave me direction. My up line coach and the AMAZING team that I am a part of gave me the inspiration, support and momentum. This isn’t a scam! It’s the real deal! The work you put in is given back to you ten fold and then some! I’m not blowing smoke up your ass here guys…this is legit! What on earth are you waiting for? Hop on board with me and enjoy the best ride of your life!!! I promise you will NOT be disappointed.

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