Let’s Talk Nutrition

Do you need help putting the fork down? Do you struggle with what to eat? Do you want results without feeling deprived?

So if you’ve been following along on my journey you know that I am really trying to dial in on my nutrition much more strictly than ever before.

Why? You might ask. My answer, why not! I’ve asked my mind to go further than ever before with personal development and bible study. And sure, I’ve pushed my body and moved far more than ever before with my workouts. But nutrition is where it’s at! It is 90% of our results!

So I introduce to you my latest quick and easy go-to meal OBSESSION…@yourtaylorfarms “Chopped Kits”. Y’all! These are bomb! And they’ve come out with a bunch of new flavor blends! I cannot wait to try them all! #notsponsored but should be. Taylor Farms hit your girl up! 😂

Taylor Farms Chopped Kits

But seriously though. It’s all in the food you put in your mouth. Join me!!! I will teach you the science behind the foods we eat, provide you with meal plans and teach you what to eat and when to get amazing results! Enrollment for my next life changing group is open! What are you waiting for?

Drop a 🥗 below if you’re ready to join me. And as always, like, comment and tag away or simply check out the link in my bio for more info.

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