World Day Against Human Sex Trafficking

I am posting this with the blessing and approval of @alysha.romel. You see, Alysha took the time to write a beautiful and very important post yesterday for World Day Against Human Sex Trafficking. And within a few hours of posting it, it was “censored” meaning there was no way for her post to reach its full potential and be shared with as many folks as it should have.

The reason for the censorship??? “It can influence the presidential election.” Now I don’t know about you but I don’t give a rat’s ass who you want to vote for or even if you vote at all. The fact that her post was censored period is deplorable. So without further a-due I am sharing her original post below with the only changes being changing her daughter’s name to my son’s name and using my own photo. Please go to her page and like, tag and share the original post so it’s given the credit it deserves. Let’s work together to #savethechildren!!!


“NO ONE IS FOR SALE!!! Today is World Against Human Sex Trafficking. Trafficking is not just an issue that happens to people in other countries. The United States is a source and transit country, and is also considered one of the top destination points for victims of child trafficking and exploitation. Right now there are currently 2 million child sex slaves around the world, and between 200,000 – 300,000 of those are right here in the U.S.”

“When I hear those numbers I see 2 million Hunters living in terror. Children just like him, children just like your children, your nieces, your nephews, your grandchildren.”

“Human trafficking is estimated to bring global profits of about $150 billion a year—$99 billion from sexual exploitation, and is considered the world’s fastest growing crime.”

“These statistics are heartbreaking and rarely discussed. There are some things we absolutely cannot stay quiet about and this is one of them. All children have the right to grow up in a safe and healthy family environment, free from violence, exploitation and abuse.”

To see Alysha’s original post please click here.

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