Normally I clean the house from top to bottom on Fridays. But if you watched my Instagram stories yesterday I got a little distracted…ok ok I got BIG TIME distracted and ended up playing with a new ring light all day. So today as I finish up the cleaning I realized I did all the chores I enjoy most yesterday so I’m left with all the chores I hate the most for today. And I’ll be honest, playing with that new ring light again sounds much more appealing.

What chore(s) do you hate most??? For me it’s cleaning toilets. FUN FACT…this actually was my favorite chore since childhood. Then I had a boy. The old saying, “if you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie.” Doesn’t seem to apply to the rest of the toilet. Sometimes I wonder what on earth he’s aiming at to get his “tinkles” all over the place! I also hate moping the floors. I put that one off the longest. I hate tile flooring! I hate having to scrub the grout. And I hate that it’s so hard to tell wether or not it’s clean. And wouldn’t ya know almost every house in the state of Arizona has an abundant amount of tile flooring so there is no escaping it. Lucky me! NOT!!!

Anyhoo…be sure to check out my IG stories throughout the day…I’ll be posting a little game for y’all as I further procrastinate on cleaning. And if you don’t already follow me on IG be sure and do so! You’re missing out on all the fun over there @modernwifeandmom.

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