Fast Food

My biggest tip to those of you ready to start your own health and fitness journey…be sure your family and closest friends are aware of your goals.

The other day was super busy. I was out and about all day with a friend and we were having way too much fun to eat. So by the time I got home I was starving! Can anyone relate???

My hubby was a HUGE help and picked up dinner from McDonald’s but only for himself and Hunter, NOT for me, “because you have goals.” So instead of garbage food from McD’s for me he pulled out the ingredients for my current go-to quick and easy meal while I unpacked the car.

The Ingredients

1 Cup Stir Fry Veggies

1/2 Cup Mushrooms

x5 Spears of Asparagus

x1 tsp Coconut Oil

Pinch of Himalayan Salt

Microwave covered for 5 minutes

(Meal prepped air fryer chicken thigh optional)

Mixed Veggies and Chicken in 5 minutes or less.

Now I don’t know about you but that truly is FAST FOOD. And the kind I prefer to eat! Fast and healthy is my jam! Especially on those busy days when life gets a bit chaotic and your schedule goes haywire.

I’ve been having a TON of fun lately getting creative in the kitchen and coming up with new fast and healthy recipes. So be sure to stay tuned for more!!!

What is your favorite go-to quick and easy meal??? Let me know in the comments below. Also don’t forget enrollment for October’s life changing group is open!!! Email me ASAP of you want in on the fun!!!

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