Do you ever walk past a mirror and not recognize the person in that reflection???

I’ve experienced both the positive and the negative of this, and let me tell you…the hard work, the journey, the transformation that takes place is worth it ALL a thousand times over!

You see, I used to HATE my reflection. I didn’t recognize the depressed, anxiety ridden, over thinker, over drinker, over eating, over weight women staring back at me. Then take this photo as an example of the polar opposite…Do I really look this smokin hot IRL??? I doubted this reflection until I decided to grab the camera and snap a photo…

Is this how far I have truly come??? Wow! I mean like WOWZA!!! Here I am taking a whole body selfie in front of a full length mirror with a smile that made my cheeks hurt! All because I know exactly who I am now!!! No longer depressed 24/7, still facing bouts of anxiety and continuing to learn and grow every day, but with confidence through the roof all without the hangover! Hello new me!!! You ARE FRICKIN’ GORGEOUS!!!

You ready to say hello to the new you? You ready to make perhaps the scariest but most rewarding decision of your life? Let’s do this!!! Drop a 📸 in the comments below and let’s do this!

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