Transformation Tuesday

Based on looks alone, which girl do you think is healthier??? The girl on the left or the girl on the right? I’m giving you full permission to critique and judge. Go ahead and drop your vote in the comments below.

The girl on the left…always ate out or never ate at all and sometimes threw up her food if she felt she ate too much. She drank a minimum of three energy drinks a day and that didn’t include the pot of coffee and the multiple five hour energy shots. She smoked a pack a day, never worked out a day in her life and tried to drink herself to death.

The girl on the right…eats clean and has a far better relationship with food than every before. Her drink obsession of choice is water but she does still enjoy a good cup of coffee or the occasional drink. She hasn’t smoked in over three years and never will again. She moves her body daily but also feeds her mind and soul. She’s determined to live her life for herself and for her family. She still struggles every single day with the bad habits of her past but she no longer lets those habits consume her.

Now I’ll ask you again but with the information I just provided above, which girl do you think is healthier???

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