My Story

Check out my Interview with Joelle. It got REAL REAL and I got emotional. For the first time ever I share my full story. Do me a favor and drop some love in the comments below. It’s not easy for me to be this vulnerable but I hope that in doing so it will help others.

As a busy wife and mom the absolute hardest lesson I have learned and am still learning to navigate is that you simply cannot pour from an empty cup! I have to take care of myself first in order to give the very best of me to my husband, my son and to others. It’s a non-negotiable for me and I strongly feel that it should be for everyone else as well. When flying there’s a reason the flight attendants tell you to put on your own mask first. So why aren’t we all doing that in our every day lives too?

If you’re struggling please know that you are not alone. I see you. My inbox is always open if you need some help. Thank you so much Joelle Training for the opportunity to share my story.

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