Day 75/75 Hard

Today I dedicate my day to myself. You did it Ang! I hope you’re proud of yourself. Because your past self that’s writing this is super proud of you. This past year is one you will never forget but wish you could. Each and every time life tried to beat you down you got up and kept going. In the toughest year of your entire life you completed the toughest challenge out there. Now it’s time to pick your next adventure! Keep going. You’ve got this! Day 75 is on the books! 0 days to go! Transformation reveal coming soon!!! ♠️💀❤️

✔️ Two 45 minute workouts

✔️ One workout must be outdoors

✔️ Follow a diet

✔️ No alcohol or cheat meals

✔️ Drink one gallon of water

✔️ Read 10 pages of personal development

✔️ Take a progress photo