Post 75 Hard

Can I be honest with you? I feel a little lost. This is the side of 75 Hard no one really talks about. You’re coming off the high of having completed 75 days straight of the toughest mental challenge out there straight into the unknown. At least that’s where I’m at. Little man is and has been really sick. Our trip back to Wisconsin for the holidays did not go as planned because if it. Plus the loss of Justin’s Grandma on Christmas Eve. I could go on. I had this same feeling when I completed the challenge the first time and you’d think I would’ve learned my lesson and planned accordingly but I didn’t. Mistakes were made and life just didn’t allow for it.

So here I am feeling doubtful, unsure, scared. Can I maintain all the progress I’ve made? Can I continue to build upon these new habits without the structure of the challenge? What should my next adventure be? Hell I’m even struggling to land on my word of intention for the New Year! That’s normally something I have down months leading up to January 1st.

I promise to always keep it real with you and right now I feel a little bit like I’m drowning. Looking at it from the outside in I can totally see how this might all sound silly. But in my mind right now it’s a struggle. I’m gonna take this week to unplug a little bit. To re-group. Re-focus. And to just breathe. My comeback is gonna be amazing! I just don’t quite know what that’s gonna look like yet. Be sure to keep an eye out…final transformation and deets coming at ya tomorrow!