R.I.P my Sweet Fur Baby

Hands down probably one of the most meaningful and memorable moments of my life next to marrying the most amazing man ever and giving birth to his son…

For those of you who do not know…last night we lost my longtime cuddle bug and first fur baby of 15 years Benji. Justin was BEYOND supportive and literally held my hand as Benji took his very last breath. And while I in complete hysteria was calling a handful of our friends and family back with the outcome, Justin was in turn googling handmade playdoh recipes so we could take Benji’s paw prints as a memento.

Fast forward to just now as I was finishing up the laziest date night dinner and my normal go to of beef and rice on the stove as Justin tries to converse with me enough to distract me from Hunter who hasn’t quite yet fallen asleep and then the most incredible thing ever happens…

I bend down to feed Athena and hear a super loud noise and jump at the sound in complete disbelief immediately asking Justin what the sound was. He in turn asked if I had turned the lights on and off but then quicker than I, realized what was actually happening. It was thunder and lightning!!! 

For those of you who know me well, you know that I LOVE thunderstorms! And they’re probably one of, if not THE very thing I miss the most of back home in Wisconsin aside from family and friends. And any form of inclement weather is so far and few between down here in Arizona. The even better part of this extremely short burst of rare weather was Justin’s comment…”Ang that’s just Benji sharing with you what you love and miss the most besides him.” My heart is still broken yet so full all at the same time!!! 

Thank you Boo Boo for the rain! I love you too!!! And thank you Justin for being sooo incredibly supportive during this very difficult time. It means more to me than I can ever express in words. 


The Joys of City Living…NOT!!!

We spent a good majority of the day at a friend’s house soaking up the rays and hanging out by the pool. When we finally arrive home absolutely exhausted we are immediately “welcomed” by the sights and sounds of the neighbors throwing a HUGE house party. Super explicit rap crap blaring at a volume out of this world, bounce house, people trying to talk (yell actually) over the insane music volume, the whole bit. It’s 9:00pm and I’m trying to put our severely over tired son to bed. Oh, and did I mention he’s also cutting bottom molars? My husband is beyond beat from the insane work week on top of getting up much too early for the first available tee time at a new to him golf course that was well over a 45 minute drive to get to. Justin’s Dad, who is in town visiting is beyond his limit for the day. Both of them are irritated but neither care enough to want to do anything about it.

Can’t find the number to the darn HOA to call in the noise complaint. Probably never even got the number from the property management company to begin with. Stupid property management company. I could go on and on about that headache too but I will save it for another day. And at any rate, between this HOA business and the property management company we have a snow ball’s chance in hell of getting any positive results in this or any other situation for that matter anyway. So here I am tired as hell, sweating profusely (per usual but I still can’t stand it), trying to unload the truck and unpack the cooler all the while trying to get Hunter’s cranky pants down for bed. As if my plate wasn’t already full I am also trying to get the dog calmed down. Between not being let out for a couple of hours on top of the chaos going on next door, Athena is wound up like a top. Poor puppers has probably been dealing with the chaos next door for quite some time now for that matter too. And I know it’s going to be up to me to try and hunt down a number for either the HOA or the local police department in the event this party doesn’t quiet down soon. All this while trying not to flip the “you know what” out at my dearest husband for plopping himself on the couch to relax completely oblivious to the fact that this rapid boiling pot of “I have had enough not only for the day but for the entire week” and am about to blow situation.

Semi-resolution to the insanity…make a STIFF cocktail, say goodnight to my dearest husband and father-in-law and setup my favorite chair by the pool, in the dark and write this stuff down because it will make a great blog post. So here I am, poolside, in the not so peace and quiet of my own backyard, “sippin’ on gin and juice, laid back…” DAMNIT!!! That super explicit rap crap blaring at a volume out of this world is some good stuff when you’re in the right mood. Brings back some pretty good memories from way way way back in the day. Solid Gold McDonald’s, classic car shows, Highway 100, crusin’ the strip and blasting super explicit rap crap the entire time. Ahhh! I’ll just kick back, relax, continue to sing along and take my own little trip down memory lane. Those stories for another time. Suffice to say that good times were had and forever friendships were made that’s for sure. Y’all know who you are. Smooches to each and every one of you!!!

For those of you who were along for the ride at that time in my life feel free to comment below with your favorite memory. For those of you whom I didn’t or don’t know feel free to share your favorite memory from back in the day or a noisy neighbor experience you’ve had.

The Shitpocolypse

My dear cat of 13 years, Benji, is very ill and has been since we relocated to AZ. This cat is my ride or die companion. He’s been with me through it all. He’s also had a rough go of it himself. Between being beaten by his previous owner, a severely botched declaw surgery, emergency surgery to remove a full blockage from his urethra and thousands of dollars later he has exhausted darn near all of his nine lives. Old age aside, the worst of his symptoms has been the constipation. He hasn’t eaten in over two weeks and is not drinking either. His weight is down so much he is just skin and bones and too weak to move. We’ve been trying to force fluids by way of an infant medicine dropper. Between his inability to control his bowels and our wild and crazy cat Taz not leaving him alone, we’ve moved Benji to the bathroom and have tried to make him as comfortable as possible. Knowing his time is coming to end and the outrageous cost involved in going to a vet, let alone not even knowing where in a new city and state to even begin the search for reliable care. I turned, as I usually do, to the World Wide Web for homeopathic remedies to ease his discomfort as he transitions on to a better place. But deep deep down I’m hoping and praying for a miracle. While my husband in turn, starts looking up area vet hospitals and the cost involved in simply putting him down. Neither of us want Benji to suffer any longer but we have very very different views on how to handle things. With my husband’s seeming lack of support and having just moved over 1,500 miles away from the close knit support system of family and friends back home, to say I am a mess would be an understatement. My son Hunter has even started fake crying that’s how much of a mess I’ve been. Continue reading “The Shitpocolypse”

The Alien Inside of Me

Those who know me well can attest that prior to meeting and subsequently marrying the man of my dreams, I had sworn off having children for many reasons. Reason #3,358 – the thought of feeling a baby growing inside of me freaked me out royally. So much so that I had additionally swore that if ever the time came that I were to become pregnant and felt the baby move that I would rush to the hospital that very instant and insist that they remove the alien from my belly immediately! Furthermore, to this very day I have never (intentionally) felt, touched, rubbed or patted a pregnant woman’s belly unless tricked or forced to do so. As for all those photos and videos of pregnant women’s bellies where you can see an appendage sticking out or see the baby move. Uh uh, not for me. I’ll pass thanks! Continue reading “The Alien Inside of Me”