KiwiCo Box – Bubbling Cauldron

Hunter got a surprise gift in the mail from Grandpa and Nana! His first @kiwico_inc box…Bubbling Cauldron, just in time for Halloween!

As a parent, I appreciated how easy it was to follow the instructions. I particularly loved Hunter’s focus and concentration throughout the process of putting this together. As a kid, Hunter absolutely loved the chemical reaction as the bubbling cauldron started to bubble up and over. He played with it well after the experiment was over.

Be sure and check out the chemical reaction and all the fun over on our YouTube channel!!!

Homeschool: Pre-K Supplies

I know a lot of parents out there are super stressed and struggling with how best to proceed with this year’s “back to school”. I can’t even begin to imagine how that feels. I assume it’s extremely scary!

Homeschooling was always going to be our path. It was a decision we made when I was still pregnant. This coming Monday will be Hunter’s official “first day of school”. We’ve been loosely “homeschooling” for a few years now and technically we’ll be starting a year early but he and I are both ready.

I am not the expert nor do I have all the info or answers but I am super excited and happy to share any and all products and tips and even the struggles, when where I can. School for most looks so so different now a days but I am confident we as parents and educators will be far more successful if we all work together.

Thanks to my AMAZING friend and former teacher @chrisscorley I snagged up a few extra materials to kick off this year’s curriculum. Amazon for the win on everything you see pictures here! Less the beautiful roses of course. Those were from the hubby.

Dynamo Lab Kit

155 Pcs Wooden Pattern Blocks Set

FunzBo Arts and Crafts Supplies

Washable Dot Markers with Activity Sheets