Love/Hate Relationship with My Body

These two have such a love/hate relationship. Similar to the love/hate relationship I have with my body.

Athena and Taz

Deep down I love my body I truly do. If I didn’t than I wouldn’t treat it as good as I now do. It was home to my perfect baby boy for nine months. What’s not to love about that alone! But I hate my body sometimes too. Sometimes my body makes me feel like shit. And quite frankly sometimes I hate how my body looks.

This process has been just that…a process. I was looking for the quick fix. And aren’t we all? But I’ve learned a lot throughout this process. I’ve learned that this is in fact a journey, a lifestyle. It’s not a quick fix. I’ve learned to love my body more. I’ve learned to appreciate it in all its various stages. And I’ve learned to love the progress I’ve made along the way. I’ve allowed myself grace in my inabilities. And I’ve pushed my body harder than I’ve ever pushed it in my entire life.

These past three months have been some of the best but also hardest three months of my life! Again, love/hate. But here I am standing tall. Standing proud! I’m finding more and more each day just how much I LOVE my body far more than I hate it. And I’m so stinking excited to pay it forward and help others find more love in their own bodies and in their own lives. Are you ready to join me? I can GUARANTEE that the only regret you will have is that you didn’t join me sooner. And I can PROMISE you, you will never have to go it alone.

Love or hate…you decide. Drop a ❤️ below if you’re ready to join me. And as always, like, comment and tag away or simply check out the link in my bio for more info.

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