About Me

Hi! My name is Angela (Ang). I am wife to an AMAZING husband. Stay-at-Home Mommy to the most INCREDIBLE little boy. Self-proclaimed foodie and creative cook. Arizona is my home but Wisconsin has my heart.

I live in Phoenix, Arizona with my husband Justin and son Hunter (7 years-old). Rounding out our household is our fur baby: cat Taz (14 year-old F3 SBT Brown Rosetta Bengal). My husband and I are Wisconsin natives who both grew up in the heart of “Lake Country” (a group of cities in the northwestern corner of Waukesha County comprising of a large number of lakes). A job opportunity for my husband brought us to Phoenix back in February of 2017.


Family and friends have been on me to start my own blog since before Hunter was born. I enjoy writing and can rarely shut my brain off let alone shut the hell up, so why not pour all of my endless thoughts and nonsense into a blog, right? Well folks, I am a HUGE procrastinator. A problem only perpetuated by the fact that I almost never do anything without nauseatingly thorough research and review. I need to become an “expert” on the matter before I make a decision and/or pull the trigger. And that is how I am with almost everything in life; from starting a blog, to buying a piece of furniture, to simply deciding whether or not to buy organic, non-GMO, BPA-free, FDA approved, yadda, yadda piñata. You get the idea. Fast forward to shortly after Hunter’s first birthday and I hadn’t researched a darn thing related to blogging but did have a lengthy conversation with a good friend from back home telling me all about her desire to get her own blog started. That was enough to re-spark my interest and I at least began writing. But procrastination and lack of know-it-all stopped me yet again. Now here we are present day. My parents lit the proverbial fire under my ass by surprising me with my very own blog site. No pressure right?!?

My thoughts are endless, mostly nonsense and bits of scrambled craziness with a healthy dose of chaos and cussing all rolled into one. I strive to be all things to everyone but usually settle with simply being the best me I can be. My lack of knowledge on all things “current” and “modern” makes me feel old. I feel at times that keeping up with today’s trends, apps, fads, etc. is impossible but to an extent is a necessary evil. My husband and I spoke at length about how we wished to raise our child(ren) in modern day society long before we even got engaged. We knew from very early on that, all be it we were on the same page, we were going to be in an uphill battle against “modern” society as our thoughts and beliefs (specific to parenting especially) were considered a bit “old school” and in some instances, “archaic”. And while I know that age is only a number, “feeling” old is something I do not take lightly. Truth be told, if you were to ask me my age I couldn’t even tell you without subtracting my birth year from the current year. True story. Just had to do the math on it (I am 39 by the way). So what better way to manage the daily struggles of being a wife and mother in today’s society, all the while maintaining not only my own morals and beliefs but my own identity and in most cases my own sanity in the process than to start this here blog, right? If anything, it could serve as a great way to document my life’s adventures and experiences not only with family and friends  but with generations to come all the while being a learning experience.

So without further ado, I welcome you to my very first blog ever. Coming at you unedited, unscripted, unapologetic, never regretful, full of typos, grammatical errors and things that may require a “reader be warned” disclaimer. I am not perfect, nor am I an expert. My thoughts and stories are meant to be entertaining and perhaps even relatable. They are not meant to judge or offend. I always welcome constructive criticism and feedback. Information is power. But let’s keep it positive please. Let’s build each other up rather than tear each other down. The world could use a bit more of that mindset don’t ya think? This IS my first rodeo guys so bear with me and hang on tight! It’s gonna be a bumpy but always entertaining ride!!!