Happy 12th Birthday Athena

When I rescued this pretty puppers twelve years ago she was emaciated, scared of everything under the sun and had been found in a home that was breeding a fighting pitbulls.

Although quite particular and not a fan of new and unfamiliar faces, with time and patience she comes to love everyone most dear us. Her special bond with Hunter is pure magic. She would do anything to protect him. She is Justin’s little shadow following him everywhere he goes. She is my not so little cuddle bug always trying to sneak up onto the couch or bed, forever thinking she and all her 80lbs can pass as a lap dog.

She’s has grown leaps and bounds and has overcome so many fears and obstacles. She has been the one constant in my life and has helped me through some of the most dark and difficult times. I don’t know where I would be without her. Quite frankly I don’t even know if I would still be here if it weren’t for her. Being able to come home to her each and every day gave me purpose at a time when I was so so lost. The day i rescued her I thought I saved her life. But in reality this little miss has saved mine!

Check out her birthday slideshow here…Happy 12th Birthday Athena.

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