Go Ahead…Eat That Cookie!

I used to be so fixated on everything I ate. And I mean EVERYTHING! “Treats” were “cheats” and if I over indulged I’d be so riddled with guilt and disgust I’d simply throw the food back up. But on this night while decorating Christmas cookies with Hunter I simply popped that cookie in my mouth and felt immense joy in the memories I was creating with my son! It was on the very last bite I realized there was no overthinking that darn cookie. There was no making up excuses with Hunter as to why I couldn’t eat the cookie. There was absolutely NO fixation or thought about that cookie beyond the experience and the memories being made. There was absolutely ZERO guilt. And not even a twinge of need to throw it up.

Mental strength is just as, if not more important than our physical strength. When I think of how far I’ve come I am hands down most proud of the mental strength I’ve gained and the healthier relationship I have with food. Do you need help? Are you struggling to enjoy life’s blessings? Do you want to be able to enjoy that damn cookie without guilt? Let me share with you the Shred Plan and program that changed my life! This lifestyle does not suck! Drop a 🍪 below for more details or DM me your goals today.

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