I Successfully Completed the 75 Hard Mental Toughness Challenge

Drumroll please…

I FRICKIN DID IT!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT I DID IT! I AM DONE! I have successfully completed the #75hard Mental Toughness Challenge!!!

10/19/20 vs. 01/01/21

For the last 75 days…I have completed 75 workouts at home, 75 workouts outdoors even in triple digit heat, high winds and even rain, I have read well over 750 pages of a good old fashioned paperback personal development book, I have drank over 9,600 ounces of water, and for 75 days I have followed a nutrition plan, no cheats and ZERO alcohol! I’m down 10.2lbs and my body fat has dropped 1.5%.

Not every day was easy. Matter of fact some days I just plain didn’t want to do it anymore. Like when Hunter had a super bad fall and we almost had to take him to the ER. Or the day that he split his head open with a rock. It was especially hard when the virus hit our household and my outdoor workouts were done in our tiny backyard. Yup that’s right, not even CV-19 could stop my from achieving this goal! The holidays were super difficult but I was determined to succeed! What possessed me to do this over the course of four major U.S. holidays I will never know but I’m so thankful for the experience.

10/19/20 vs. 01/02/21

I did not do this for fame, notoriety or bragging rights and I did not do this for weight loss either. I did this to prove to myself that I AM CAPABLE OF ACCOMPLISHING SO MUCH MORE THAN I EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE! When I said #noexcuses I meant it. Now please excuse me while I go stuff my face with Gnocchi and Marshmallow Dream Bars. Gonna get food drunk today for sure!

I would like to give the biggest thank you to my family and friends for all the love and support these last 75 days! I appreciate your words of encouragement throughout the challenge! I could not have made it without each and every one of you!

For more details on the 75 Hard Mental Toughness Challenge go to http://www.75hard.com

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