Meal Prep Made Easy

Can you relate??? You bust your butt all week, eat right, workout, do all the things. But then you fall waaayyy off track come the weekend. You get a little snacky after a couple glasses of wine. You’re on the go and running all over the place and always hangry. And in only two days time you destroy all that hard work you put in the week before! 🙋🏻‍♀️

Moving my meal prepping to Fridays has been an absolute game changer and life saver! So no matter what the weekends have in store for us I know that when I open that fridge I’ve got options ready to go that will keep me on track and off the vicious hamster wheel of regret and weight gain.

Check out the following video to see just how simple I keep my Friday meal prep. Meal Prep Made Easy

Take a look below at one of my yummy “Kardashian” salads using @yourtaylorfarms pre-made salad kits, some extra veg and pre-prepped proteins. Drop you meal prep tips in the comments below. Was this helpful???

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