Fresh Start Grocery Haul

It’s your “day one”. The pantry and fridge have been cleaned out and your grocery haul is up next. So where do you begin???

When you’re just starting out trying to eat better I am ALL FOR splurging on convenience items. Items you know are going to keep you on track regardless of what life throws your way on any given day. Pre-packaged, pre-cut, pre-cooked, individual serving sizes. You know, the kind of stuff you don’t even have to think about. Whether it’s a crazy busy day and you’ve gone far too long since last eating or you’re in a grab-and-go situation that may lead to bad food choices; focusing on convenience will make all the difference in the world when trying to avoid that end of day binge or quick run through the drive thru.

Pre-cooked, pre-cut protein options are a MUST. They can be used as a stand alone item or as an add-in to any meal any time of day. I’m a HUGE fan of pre-cooked, chopped and frozen chicken breast. Be sure to grab some eggs and cottage cheese too. It’s the fastest, easiest way to boost your protein intake. With pre-packaged salad kits the possibilities are ENDLESS…eat alone as a full meal, as a side to a meal or as a wrap! So good to have on hand. Finally, I always grab a healthy amount of fresh fruit and vegetable options for the week. Apples, individual servings of avocado or hummus and little veggie snack packs are PERFECT for grabbing on your way out the door. Don’t over complicate it babes. Make it so stupid easy you can’t fail.