Cathedral Rock Vortex – Sedona, AZ

Did you know that Sedona, AZ is home to seven main energy vortexes? I have been to Sedona many times but this was my first time visiting the actual location of a vortex.

As l closed my eyes and embraced the intense breeze, I gently wept. I could almost feel the Earth’s heartbeat resonating beneath me. It was as if the veil between the physical and spiritual realms was lifted, allowing me to tap into a profound sense of interconnectedness with God and with the universe.

Nature’s raw beauty enveloped me, and time seemed to stand still. I took a moment to breathe, grounding myself in the present moment, and let the transformative energy wash over me. The experience was nothing short of magical—a reminder of the immense power and wisdom that lies within our planet.

If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend visiting a vortex site. Whether it’s to feel closer to God, more connected to the Earth or to simply marvel at the sheer power of the wind alone. Regardless of your belief system when you are here you can undeniably feel “it” and you feel it everywhere! It’s a breathtaking encounter that reminds us of our place in this magnificent world.

Just Do It Scared

In our home we believe that it’s ok to be scared but sometimes we need to do things scared to know what the other side of that fear feels like. And that was absolutely the case with Hunter and his dirt bike.

When we got Hunter his first bike a few years back he took to it REAL good REAL fast. We had the training wheels put on totally as a comfort thing for Hunter. What he didn’t know is that those things barely ever touched the ground. Until they did…he yanked the handle bars hard, the training wheels dug in and he went flying. He walked away with the tiniest little scratch on his leg that of course need the biggest band aid for moral support. But the damage was done to his mindset and from that moment on the fear had set in.

We worked with him on his time and at his pace. Loading and unloading his dirt bike on every adventure day that we possibly could over the last two years with the hopes that that particular day would be the day he would get back on and ride. It started with gearing up and just sitting on the thing only the get right off and change his mind. But the next time he was geared up, on it and built up the confidence to push the thing around but off. Then we re-worked through all of the same steps but with it running. Little by little he built himself and his courage back up until FINALLY he just did it scared!

I was a little apprehensive after his first spill back on the thing but he popped right up; visibly shaking from adrenaline, so flippin proud of himself, got right back on and with a quick “I’m okay” he zipped away. By the second day he had rode the training wheels clear off the bike. In shock, awe and again with pride he just kept riding!

By the end if the trip he was even zipping around with Daddy! And you bet your butt that moment made me bawl my damn eyes out! Hunter rode his dirt bike into the ground, literally. The poor engine just couldn’t hang any longer. But instead of putting it up for sale were getting a new engine! Check out his full ride here!

Mommy and Daddy are so incredibly proud of you for never giving up, facing your fears, doing it scared and coming out the other side with pride! We love you so much bug!!!

The Best of Sand Hollow State Park

Utah has been on our bucket list for a while now and let me tell you it did NOT disappoint! There were a LOT of firsts this trip so picking our absolute top favs overall proved to be quite difficult (see below). It was not only our first out of state adventure but it was also our longest and coldest tent camping trip to date.

As always the photos and videos just NEVER do justice to taking it all in in person. And when I tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed the digital detox I MEAN it! It’s been hard to come back. But I DID do my best to capture some of the very best moments in photo form. Be sure to head on over to Facebook for the full photo dump. And in the meantime enjoy these first few here.

Per our family tradition these are our top favorites from the trip…

Justin: everything! And if you ask him yet today his answer remains the same…EVERYTHING!

Ang: waking up with the sun every single morning and having coffee and meditation by the lake alone (shoutout to the Hubs for making this one happen 😘).

Hunter: riding his dirt bike! More on that in a dedicated post COMING SOON!