Happy Wife Happy Life

“A perfect marriage is two imperfect people who simply refuse to give up on each other.” Throwback Thursday to one of the happiest days of my life. Can I share a secret with you? The photo below is only a snapshot of our lives. Literally! A moment in time when our lives were “perfect”. But by no means has every single day since that day been as “perfect”. Successful marriages take work folks!

“Our Wedding Day”

Often times we scroll thru social media wishing for the “perfect” lives of others instead of focusing on how we can make our own lives “perfect”. Can I tell you another secret? The word perfect is subjective and varies from person to person. What’s perceived as perfect to one is not as perfect to another.

Some days come easier than others. Some days you just don’t like the person you are married to. Other days you are reminded of what an incredible spouse you have. My husband told me from day one that I was stuck with him. We both come from divorced families and discussed very early on that divorce was not an option for either of us. 

Communication is key. Transparency is vital. Letting go of unrealistic expectations is crucial. Love yourself, love your spouse. Treat each other with kindness, patience and respect. Make your own lives your own kind of perfect.