Yes Day

Today was one of Hunter’s favorite days…it was a “YES DAY”!!! These days don’t happen often but when they do it’s a pretty big deal. What’s a “YES DAY”???

This is how we do it:

1️⃣ We agree on a store to shop at.

2️⃣ Hunter has 10 minutes to shop.

3️⃣ Anything in the store is fair game. All items are an automatic yes.

He may get ANYTHING he wants BUT…

4️⃣ He must be able to carry all the items himself.

5️⃣ He is responsible for checking out all by himself.

Today we went the Dollar Tree and let me tell you, some of the items he picked were a little bizarre, some were cute and some were super duper sweet. He got really creative this time too. When it came to carrying his things he headed to the gift bag section first to have bags to fill for easier carrying. His total came to $23.09 and included things like a toothbrush, toothpaste and his own deodorant, a lei and flip flops for Mommy, a card for Daddy and a bright blue glittery star to go by Grandpa’s photo and flag. I’m most impressed and extremely proud that given the option to get anything he wanted that he thought of others.

Have you ever done a “YES DAY” with your kiddo??? If you haven’t I would highly recommend giving it a try! It’s a pretty special experience and you might be surprised at some of the things your child picks out and why. If you do happen to do your own “YES DAY” be sure and tag us!