Filter Free Friday

I joke around a LOT about how I can’t wait for the day I get Botox. But the truth is the thought of actually going through with something like that FREAKS ME THE F*€k OUT! I couldn’t even handle the feeling of a moving and growing baby in my belly so the thought of losing muscle control to my VERY EXPRESSIVE face is a no. It’s a hard pass for me.

In search of a more natural alternative I have gotten SUPER into really good, affordable skin care, better sun protection, and a TON of staring at myself in the mirror. But instead of tearing myself down and nitpicking at every little flaw I am speaking to myself with love and learning to embrace what I don’t like.

Take my forehead wrinkles for example. I am hands down most self conscious about my forehead wrinkles. If I can find a way to cut them off or crop them out I will do so. Just watch my stories. I do it almost every day. But today I am embracing my forehead wrinkles. They are a reminder of the beautiful and happy life I have lived. Because when I smile I don’t just smile with my mouth I smile with my whole dang face!

Stop hiding behind filters and let your true self shine through! Embrace your flaws, your imperfections, and your uniqueness. Share your unedited, filter-free photos with the world and show everyone that THE REAL YOU IS BEAUTIFUL, AUTHENTIC, AND WORTHY OF LOVE AND RESPECT. Let’s put the real in reality and inspire others to do the same. Tag me in your favorite filter-free photo! Let’s make this a thing!