Top 5️⃣ Tips To Avoid Binge Eating:

1️⃣ Know your triggers…busy days are NOT an excuse to binge eat when you FINALLY sit down for the day nor are they and excuse not to eat at all. Have a plan in place. Have food prepped and on hand that will keep you on track with your goals. Don’t even bring the junk food into your home.

Healthy Grocery Haul
Protein and vegetables prepped and at the ready
Fruits, Fiber Filled Carbs and Healthy Fats prepped at the ready

2️⃣ Have SOME now and you get to ENJOY IT AGAIN later. It’s an automatic boost in dopamine to know that I get the “reward” of eating something again and even again and again should I so choose. I literally repeat this mantra every day and sometimes multiple times a day.

Split your dessert right away to remove the temptation
Split a lunch with your friend
Stop eating when you feel full and put the rest away for later

3️⃣ Water first! Veggies most! Thank you @2bmindset. This one is for all my volume eaters! This entire concept completely switched my brain and my ability to not just tackle intuitive eating but to master it.

Regular water, fire water, just drink your water FIRST
Cheeseburger was the craving, made it a wrap with VEGGIES MOST
Veggies most = More volume

4️⃣ Eat with the small fork. This one might sound silly to most. But to anyone who struggles with disordered eating then you know that small forks ➡️ small bites ➡️ slower eating ➡️ more time to make a mind/body connection with the food you are eating.

Use a small fork for more mindful bites

5️⃣ Leave some food behind. It’s ok to do so. I promise. To anyone who grew up in a “clean your plate or else” household this one is for you. It’s ok to listen to your body. When you feel full it’s ok to stop eating. When you feel full it’s ok to leave some food behind. Even if it’s only a few bites. Just leave it.

Protein, Vegetables, Fiber Filled Carb and Healthy Fat for a perfect first meal

And when we feel full we STOP EATING