Transformation Update

You know those bitty baby biceps I keep joking about??? They’re growing!!! I just took updated measurements today and I am BLOWN away! My biceps have in fact grown. I’m down in inches in all the right places and I’m down in weight too even AFTER enjoying ALL the things with the fam in town.

I’ll be honest I haven’t taken measurements in probably over six months. It’s can sometimes be triggering for me in my ED recovery so I rely far more heavily on how I look and feel in my clothes (hence the gazilion photos). But I am VERY aware that my family going home can also trigger an episode too which is why I decided to take measurements today. Not only to hold me accountable but so I can hit the ground running come Monday and interrupt the toxic habit loop.

I don’t really like sharing my numbers online because I don’t want anyone to feel less than or play the comparison game. I did that for YEARS and know what that feels like. Perhaps I’ll share that someday but today is not that day. If you ARE interested in that info I am happy to share privately so simply DM me.