The Alien Inside of Me

Those who know me well can attest that prior to meeting and subsequently marrying the man of my dreams, I had sworn off having children for many reasons. Reason #3,358 – the thought of feeling a baby growing inside of me freaked me out royally. So much so that I had additionally swore that if ever the time came that I were to become pregnant and felt the baby move that I would rush to the hospital that very instant and insist that they remove the alien from my belly immediately! Furthermore, to this very day I have never (intentionally) felt, touched, rubbed or patted a pregnant woman’s belly unless tricked or forced to do so. As for all those photos and videos of pregnant women’s bellies where you can see an appendage sticking out or see the baby move. Uh uh, not for me. I’ll pass thanks!

Now fast forward to present day and skipping over all of the reasons why this pregnancy is and has been an absolute miracle in the first place…at 25 weeks I could not be happier to be pregnant and to have my son Hunter on the way. And if you had asked me a week ago, or even yesterday for that matter, how the pregnancy has gone up to this point, I would’ve said “great” and that “I couldn’t have asked for anything better; little movements and flutters and all”.

Well, while the pregnancy is still going “great” and I still “couldn’t ask for anything better,” the little movements and flutters have officially reached a whole new level!!! As of this morning I am in boarder line freak out mode. Not quite to the point of rushing to the ER and insisting they remove the alien from my stomach but definitely to the point where it freaks me out. I don’t even want to touch my own pregnant belly! And according to my pregnancy books and the app on my phone, week 25 is just the beginning and the next three weeks the baby will be the most active. Yay for me! NOT!!!

My mantra for the next three weeks…the pregnancy is going GREAT!!! HUNTER AND I ARE JUST FINE AND I TRULY COULDN’T ASK FOR ANYTHING BETTER!!! And that is intentionally in all caps as I have repeated it in increasing volume and am now yelling it in hopes that doing so will magically keep me from really really really freaking out.

I never was able to get over Hunter’s movements throughout the remainder of my pregnancy. But I never did end up in the E.R. insisting they remove the alien from my belly either. What was it like for you to feel the baby move? Did you embrace it or freak out like I did? Share your experience below in the comment section!